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Procedural File: PMO_Dbms_Mysql_Test.php

Source Location: /fichiers/v0.15/PMO_tests/tests/PMO_Dbms_Mysql_Test.php


this tests the PMO_Dbms_Mysql connections.
Tests the PMO_Dbms_Mysql class

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This file contains the PMO_Dbms_Mysql driver tests.

This file is part of the PhpMyObject project, an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) system.

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author:  Nicolas Boiteux <>
author:  Nicolas Boiteux <>
version:  $Revision: 409 $
copyright:  Copyright (C) 2007-2008 Nicolas Boiteux
since:  PhpMyObject v0.15
filesource:  Source Code for this file
license:  GPLv3


require_once(dirname(dirname(__FILE__)).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'config.php') [line 42]
setup this test case if called individually

require_once(SIMPLETEST.DS.'autorun.php') [line 43]
require_once(PMO_MyDbms.php) [line 50]
requires the PMO_Dbms_Mysql driver

require_once(PMO_CORE.DS.'PMO_dbms_mysql.php') [line 51]

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